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Women in Leadership

Duration: 2 Days | 9 am – 3:30 pm
Wednesday – Thursday

20th – 21st October 2021

Live Stream + Online Training

(GMT +4 or Gulf Standard time) 

What is in it for WOMEN?

If you are a woman in leadership this 2-day course will empower you to take your power back and strategically lead and influence your teams. This course will empower you to be strategic about your career growth, and like a chess player-plan out what moves you will make next. We want to empower you to be confident and lead from a position of power. When you become the leader that you would follow, others will want to work with you and follow you. The practical skills and frameworks will empower you Immediately as part of your leadership development journey It’s time for you to take your power back, to learn how to coach, lead and negotiate powerfully.


WIL – Strategic Influence

How do you create connection and trust in an era of remote working? Covid 19 has brought a disconnect between teams, a lack of productivity and loneliness amongst teams. Many leaders have withdrawn lost confidence and are not finding it easy to be confident, boost morale and motivate their teams.  Your teams may be experiencing a disconnect from each other and struggle to find their flow


Learning Outcomes 

  • Evaluate your own personal brand and leadership style.
  • Learn practical insights to navigate through office politics effectively and ethically
  • Learn how to strategically network, negotiate and coach.
  • Overcome your imposter syndrome, build your self-confidence and be taken seriously.
  • Learn how to be assertive and how to manage your own emotions and that of your team.
  • Learn how to hold your teams accountable, to build trust and give feedback.


Why you should attend Check List

  • Are you a female leader trying to achieve big goals and success in an organizational setting, but have struggled to make breakthroughs?
  • Do you feel a bit like an outsider, and not sure how to get into the inner circle?
  • Do you want to become politically intelligent?
  • Are you new in leadership looking for ways to improve your brand, your presence and your impact on the business?
  • Do you want to be more influential at work?
  • Are you finding that you are struggling with imposter syndrome,
  • and struggling to manage your emotions at work?
  • Do you want to be taken seriously despite your gender at work?
  • Do you want to learn how to negotiate well?
  • Then this course is for you.


Who Should Attend 

  • Women business leaders
  • Businesswomen preparing for future leadership roles
  • Mid to senior-level leaders
  • HR, Training, Recruitment &Talent Specialists 
  • Diversity and Inclusion Professionals 
  • Women Leadership Programme Managers 


Day 1

Session 1: Re-think career Development Plan

  • Understanding your own strengths and weaknesses and your career development plan

Learning activity: Facilitator presentation, individual exercises on the Career development plan and self-assessment, followed by group feedback in breakout rooms


Session 2: How to Influence Others:

Developing and accessing your personal brand:

  • How do others see you (staff, clients, management)
  • Building a powerful personal brand that connects your view of yourself and how others see you, and influencing your brand for personal success and business growth.

Learning activity: Facilitator presentation, group discussion and individual exercises on Personal Brand.


Building your self-confidence and overcoming imposter syndrome:

  • A lack of confidence is the biggest factor holding leaders back. By exploring NLP techniques and an achievement index- the leaders will understand their own credibility and worth. They will also find ways of stepping out and becoming more visible.

Learning activity: A Facilitator led the presentation, with practical NLP techniques and exercises and group discussions to boost confidence. Elevator and improvisation exercises in breakout rooms.


How to lead and influence: How to make the horse thirsty:

  • “They say you can only lead a horse to the water, but you can’t get it to drink. We want to prove that you can make the horse thirsty.” Yoke van Dam
  • Understanding the neuroscience principles behind influence to lead and inspire a team. Ways to motivate and inspire your team.

Learning activity: Facilitator presentation, group exercises to test their understanding and individual action plan for influence.


Session 3: Managing your team

Emotional intelligence:

  • Using Neuroscience principles we’ll explore your emotional triggers. You’ll learn practical skills to calm yourself and your team down and how to avoid fight or flight mode. In essence, you’ll learn how to inspire your team and how a leader should behave.

Learning activity: Facilitator presentation, video, group discussions and activities on Emotional Intelligence.



  • Learn how to be assertive with your team in a helpful way. We teach you how to negotiate a win-win situation and how to bring harmony, flexibility and fun into your work environment

Learning activity: Facilitator presentation, video, group discussions and activities on being assertive, setting boundaries and catering for a win-win.


Day 2

Session 1: Negotiation Skills

  • “Your career, your finances, your reputation, (your personal life) at some points these entire things hinge on your ability to negotiate.” Getting what you want out of life is all about getting what you want from and with other people. The conflict between two parties is inevitable in all relationships. So it’s useful-crucial even to know how to engage in that conflict to get what you want without inflicting damage’ -Chris Vos (FBI hostage negotiator) -author Never Split the difference.
  • By looking at the work of an FBI hostage negotiator we will give ways in which the leaders can negotiate from a stronger position.
  • Mirroring, mastering no, creating an illusion of control, bargaining

Learning activity:

  • Facilitator presentation on negotiation tactics and frameworks.
  • Create a negotiation one-sheet
  • Practical role-play where groups are negotiating against each other using the techniques that were used between 2 breakout rooms.


 Session 2: Coaching Skills

  • A leader’s most valuable skill is leading their teams away from a stuck place to a desired outcome. By understanding coaching methodologies and the GROW model the delegates will have the opportunity to practice coaching conversations on each other and get feedback.
  • Facilitator presentation of the GROW model and other frameworks for coaching.

Group exercises: practising the model on giving and receiving feedback, having 1:1’s and giving difficult feedback.


Session 3: Managing office politics: strategic networking and influence

  • Understand what biases is holding you back in the work context.
  • Have wisdom, understanding and insights on office politics, how to navigate it and how to strategically network with influence. 

Learning activity:

  • Facilitator led presentation
  • Group exercises and discussions on Office politics and individual exercises on building an action plan for strategic influence and networking.