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In-House Trainig

Finance, Risk & Accounts

Finance for Non-Finance Managers
Corporate Finance for Decision Makers
Forecasting & Budgeting For Non Finance Managers
Financial Modeling for effective Decision Making
Asset Liability Management & Basel 3
Asset Liability Management & Risk

Plant & Maintenance

Root Cause & Equipment Failure Analysis
4 Days Maintenance Planning & Scheduling & Cost Optimization
Conditional Based Maintenance
Reliability Engineering
Advance Maintenance Strategies
Shutdown & Turn Around Masterclass


Train the Trainer
Effective Presentation Skills
Leadership for Technical Managers
Effective Communication Skills
Critical thinking & Creative problem solving
Customer Centric Services excellence
Customer Experience & Service Innovation
Customer is King.
Executive PA Performance Excellence & Innovation
Journey from Manager to Leader.
Advance Negotiation Strategies
Meetings Effectiveness & performance appraisal.

Marketing & Sales

Sponsorship Evaluation & Rectification
Successful Sales Skills
Marketing ROI

Project Management

Advance Cost Engineering
Finance for Project Managers
Tendering & Bidding Evaluations

Supply Chain & Logistics

Lean Warehousing
Contract & Negotiations management for Procurement
Balancing Inventory management & Demand planning
Tendering & Bidding Evaluations

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