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International Financial Reporting Standards – IFRS Updates 2021

Duration: 2 Days | 9:00 am – 5 pm
Sunday – Monday

14th – 15th March 2021

Live Steam + Online Training 

UAE Time / GMT +4

Course Overview:

It has become critical for companies to understand the impact of various provisions of International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) on accounting reports, there is an increasing pressure for companies to ensure that their records are compliant with these international standards & principles.

This comprehensive 2 days IFRS workshop with cover the latest developments in IFRS & a refresher on widely used IFRS. Candidates will obtain comprehensive knowledge of various IFRS standards & certain complexities together with examples and illustrations indicating how these standards should be implemented in practice. 

Key Take Away from this Course:

  • Gain insights on the new conceptional framework of financial reporting;
  • Understand the new developments in the reporting standards on Fair value (IFRS 13), Revenue (IFRS 15), Financial Instruments (IFRS 9 and related standards), Leases (IFRS 16), Insurance (IFRS 17), and all-new interpretations, including IFRIC 19 and IFRIC 21;
  • Apply the new developments above in practical scenarios;
  • Note the changes on reporting standards that are revised such as IAS 1, IAS 16, IAS 19, IAS 41, etc.
  • Present financial and non-financial information in the Integrated Reports of companies;
  • Implementation of the group related standards in the consolidated financial statements, including associates and joint arrangements;
  • Understand the new changes to IFRS for SMEs and the differences with full IFRS standards;
  • Focus on measurement and recognition requirements on all new and updated reporting standards; and
  • Get updated on the new work plan of the IASB

Why You Cannot Miss This Event?

The radical developments of the above-mentioned standards and frameworks make it imperative for all members in the financial environment to keep abreast with the changes. 

If you attend this seminar you will be well equipped with the necessary financial reporting knowledge to carry you through the next 5 years as the IASB will only focus on improving the current standards in the medium term.

Candidates will obtain comprehensive knowledge of the new IFRS standards together with examples and illustrations indicating how these standards should be implemented in practice.

You can’t teach accounting without examples. The practical examples make this training event unique and different from the rest.