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Advanced Financial Modeling using Excel with BI Tools

Duration: 2 Days 

9 am – 5 pm (GMT +4)

23rd – 24th September, 2020.

Online + Live Stream Training

Course Overview & What’s New in this FM Course?

This course is a mixture of toolbox and practical application through case studies of real world problems using real world data. This course will focus on the tools and techniques available in Microsoft Excel and Power BI that will enable you to develop, run and review financial models across multiple scenarios.

  • By toolbox, we mean using the techniques, functions and formulas to solve business and financial problems.
  • By practical application we mean that we provide delegates with a case or exercise that uses data from a real situation and that we consider from start to finish to solve a problem create a workable template or resolve the case in some way.

There are many financial modeling courses in the market these days and you might already have attended them. In this course, however, we are introducing you to financial modeling with business intelligence. Business Intelligence includes Power Query and Power Pivot technologies that are built into Microsoft Excel and we will also be introducing you to Microsoft’s free Power BI for the Desktop software. Together Power Query, Pivot and Power BI are taking the business intelligence world by storm.

We will take you by storm too. Potentially, millions of rows analyzed, eye catching dashboards have never been so easy to construct and share.

In addition, we are also including the mainstay topics for revision or for review for the first time. Every financial and non financial manager is welcome to attend this course and once you have seen what we are offering, you will definitely want more!

Practical Learning Outcomes:

By the end of the workshop, delegates will be able to:

  • ANALYSE financial statements using modeling
  • CREATE a Budget and to make changes to different scenarios
  • DEVELOP a model for investment decision
  • CREATE a sensitivity analysis model
  • MANAGE existing financial proposals to deliver the best returns
  • CREATE Business Intelligence reports and analysis