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Executive PA Masterclass

Duration: 2 Days | 9 am – 3:30 pm
Monday – Tuesday

25th – 26th October 2021

Live Stream + Online Training

(GMT +4 or Gulf Standard time) 


This is workshop is designed to develop world-class skills and become a better strategic business partner to the executive.


Learning Takeaway’s from this course

  • LEARN how to see the challenges in communication
  • UNDERSTAND the link between emotional intelligence
  • DISCOVER how to stay ahead of your executive’s shifting priorities
  • READ facial expressions challenge – identifying the correct emotion
  • SUPPORT management in inspiring shared vision of the organization
  • DISCOVER techniques how to manage multiple demands on your time
  • DISCOVER strategies for managing your personal brand and career progression
  • BUILD a toolkit of strategies to help build your confidence, and emotional resilience
  • FLEX your approach to build more effective working relationships with others and achieve more positive outcomes
  • LEARN how to approach their role from a strategic and managerial perspective


Why you should attend Check List

In this two-day practical workshop participants will understand themselves and their role more clearly. It will help them develop their networking and relationship building skills, handle difficult situations, manage multiple priorities, recognize and handle pressure, enhance their personal resilience and much more. Training is delivered using activities like group problem-solving, role play, drawing diagrams, discussions and other exercises, so that attendees can gain a thorough understating of the issues and solutions.


Who Should Attend

  • PA’s
  • Executive PA’s
  • Office Managers
  • Admin Assistants
  • Document Controllers
  • Secretary
  • Executive Secretary
  • Relationship manager


Day 1

Module 1

Understanding your manager

  • Identify and adapt to your manager’s style
  • Anticipating your manager’s needs
  • Defining your key responsibilities
  • Know when to take the initiative

Module 2

Communicate to understand

  • Identify your strengths and potential limiters
  • Improve your self-awareness and the awareness of others
  • Explore personality diversities

Module 3

Personal impact and influence

  • First impressions – biases and prejudices
  • Self-perception and perception of others
  • Enhancing your personal impact
  • Raising your profile


Day 2

Module 4

Essential Skills 

  • Email Etiquette
  • Effective Business Communications
  • Effective business writing

Module 5

Personal effectiveness

  • Juggling competing and conflicting demands
  • Dealing with time stealers
  • Managing your manager – upward influence
  • Managing your time and others

Module 6

Emotional Intelligence under pressure

  • Self-regulation – coping strategies when under pressure
  • Motivating yourself to achieve your goals
  • Strategies to help build your confidence and emotional resilience
  • Dealing with the “problem” people