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About Us


Corsol is a business solutions hub that provides Corporate Solutions to the diverse training needs of all industries & sectors through our world class trainers & Industry experts from local & international markets & we believe in extended long-term relationship with our clients to serve their need at ease.

We mainly focus on high quality Public-Training-Events (PTE) & In-House-Training Solution (IHTS) in our portfolio. We own more than 300 recognized professional local & international trainers, who have proven track record of delivering valued solutions with leading companies.

Public-Training-Events (PTE) are thoroughly researched and launched at the utmost demand of the target market, PTE’s provides excellent platform to learn, benchmark with relevant industry peers & gain practical insights to implement afterward.

In-House-Training-Solutions (IHTS) are the first choice of our client’s when it comes to train a group of people, with a specifically tailored solution to their needs, within the client’s training budget. Through esteemed Local & International Industry expert’s, who’s professional training expertise are recognized & admired.

We provide training solutions to the following sectors, Automotive, Cold Chain, Construction, Customer Services, Finance & Accounts, Food & Beverage, Government & Healthcare, HR, Leadership, Strategy & Planning, Legal & Contracts, Maintenance, Management, Marketing, Oil & Gas, Project Management, Public Relations, Safety Management, Supply Chain, Transport and Technology.

Our limited portfolio is our key to success, as it enables us to focus on client’s excellent Customer Services & instant feedback towards their queries.


Providing our clients the excellence of knowledge & business solutions, that enables them to achieve optimum performance & sustainability.

Becoming the number 1 choice of our client’s, through quality events delivery, excellent Client Relationship Management (CRM) & customer services.


Identifying client’s emerging needs & selecting the best available faculty from all over the world to fulfill their needs with quality. Ensuring client’s sustainability by putting in front solutions they require. Letting clients train more by availing attractive Group discounts to enhance knowledge spread in the company at ease. Enjoying client’s satisfaction & trust by excellent service delivery.