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3 Days Total Plant Maintenance

Duration: 3 Days 
Wednesday– Friday

2 – 4 May 2018
Dubai UAE

Key Learning Outcomes:

• Understand Asset Management best practices based on the ISO 55000 Standard.
• Improve assets & equipment reliability.
• Eliminate equipment failures using both statistical and team based techniques.
• Selecting appropriate strategies such as RCM, FMEA, reverse RCM, based on equipment criticality.
• Optimizing Maintainability & PM Optimization to reduce downtime and repair times.
• Understand how to optimize replacement decisions.
• Understand why Criticality Analysis goes wrong.
• Understand how to apply life cycle costing techniques.
• Understand how to write effective job plans & optimizing preventive maintenance.
• Improve the effectiveness of RCA & RCFA studies.
Understand common issues in asset management that need to be improved.

Course Overview:

The training infers maintenance of equipment during the ownership phase, effective equipment performance starts at the equipment acquisition phase, thus this workshop starts with an overview of the new standard for Asset Management ISO55000. The principles of the standard places great emphasis on development of a strategic model; Use of risk based tools and techniques to support decision making; the management of data to support decisions;
Gaining value from our assets throughout the life from cradle to grave; achieving assurance through auditing

The course will also cover delegates common issues & issues we encounter in the Middle East, understand how to reduce costs, and then cover many techniques to Improve reliability, eliminate failures using both statistical and team based techniques; RCM, FMEA, reverse RCM, developing generic Strategy Guides; Optimize preventive maintenance and writing effective job plans; Reduce downtime and repair times; Improve the effectiveness of RCA & RCFA studies.

This workshop is very practical and will include many case studies and examples, with many from the Middle East.

Who Should Attend?

Heads, Managers, Supervisors, Team leaders, Engineers, Craftsmen, Schedulers, Planners & Senior Technicians of.

• Plant, Factory & Site Management
• Technical Services
• CMMS Clerks/Assistants/Administrators
• Asset and Reliability Management
• Planning
• Plant Operations
• Shutdown & Turnaround
• Engineering and Maintenance
• Integrity
• Operational Excellence / Continuous Improvement
• Process Engineering / Industrial Engineering
• Engineers responsible for maintenance of areas of the plant
Anyone who is responsible for managing assets. Process & Operational Personal who need an understanding of the goals of maintenance